Hurricane Ike

Posted on September 16, 2008


Late Sunday afternoon the remains of Hurricane Ike blew through Ohio. It was quite a spectacle and resulted in massive damage. Per the Columbus Dispatch “The National Weather Service says it can find no stronger winds in its weather history files than Sunday’s 75 mph remnants of Hurricane Ike that caused so much turmoil and damage.” So I guess I have lived through the Great Terrible Storm of ’08!

Two days after the storm they are reporting that 2 million homes are without power and one third of the state’s traffic signals are not working. Overall, we can out of the storm unscathed with no damage to the house. We had a small tree uprooted and our porch furniture is scattered. My neighborhood has garbage hanging from trees, tree limbs broken off hanging at sad angles, and pool toys in unexpected places. My hummingbird feeder sprayed it’s red sugary contents all over the side of my house, leaving the scene look like someone was murdered.

The storm itself was loud but accompanied by almost no rain. The clouds charged across the sky at a furious pace. The neighborhood kids were able to fly across our field by catching the wind with a bed sheet. Sammy the dog hid in the basement.

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