The eagle has landed

Posted on October 6, 2008


I have finally arrived in Montevideo tired and thirsty, but in good spirits. I managed to sleep on the plane and my luggage all got here in good shape (sign of relief!). The plane landed at Aeropeurto Nacional de Carracaso and I braced myself for what I might find. Did the toilet swirl in the opposite direction (yes), was the sky still blue (more grey than blue), and how was I going to manage to get to my hotel not knowing any words in Spanish other than hello and good morning. No matter how creative you are, it is pretty much impossible to communicate with just those three words.

The airport was a bit different. It was painted battleship grey and actually reminded me of the naval ships I used to see in the Philadelphia Naval Yard as a kid. We climbed down a staircase right onto the runway and were whisked by bus to the terminal. A short wait to get through customs and I was in.

The company that I will be working with down here was nice enough to send a driver to pick me up. I was relieved to see him waiting for me with a Laboratorios Clausen sign. A short 30 minute ride along the beautiful Rambla and he deposited me to my room.

I am staying at the Sheraton Montevideo Hotel in the Punta Carretas neighborhood. It is a very nice part of the city bordered by miles of beaches and populated by many stores and restaurants. The hotel is connected to the largest shopping mall in Uruguay which I am told is expensive but very convenient.

I was given a fantastic room in the Sheraton. It is a corner room overlooking the ocean. As I wake up in the morning I can watch the sun rise over the water. It is beautiful and I feel very lucky. The room is just what you would expect from a Sheraton in the US – comfortable bed, high speed internet, good desk to work on, comfortable recliner in the corner. I even have 40 channels on my TV, three of which are in English.

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