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Posted on October 8, 2008


We have been exploring some of the local restaurants in the area of our hotel. The food is not at all like Mexican food, if that is what you expected. It is much closer to a combination of Italian, Grilled, and Steakhouse. I have not had a bad meal yet and I have had luck with finding healthier dishes, despite the occasional gorging on Chivitos. The restaurants are about half the price of what you would pay in a US restaurant, especially with the recent strengthening of the dollar.

Monday was my first day at Clausen. I will write more about Clausen later in the week. I will say that it was not a good day as I was ill the entire day and I needed to leave early. I tried very hard to put on my game face and make it a productive day, but it was hard as I had to vomit every half hour or so. The HR Manager was great and brought me some medicine that helped quite a bit. I don’t know what it is, but Sertal is some fantastic stuff. Eventually, the staff gently suggested that I go back to my hotel. I went back and collapsed into bed in pain. All of my travel, lack of sleep and the excitement of the first few days has caught up with me.

On Monday, Trusha and I visited “La Perdiz” or The Famous Grouse. I was not really in the mood for food after having spent most of the day sick as a dog. I figured it would be good to eat something that day and since I skipped breakfast and lunch, I had some black pasta for dinner. The cost was about $8, $11 if you include a diet coke and a tip.

Tuesday we found a nice Italian restaurant right on the coast named “El Veijo Y El Mar” or The Old Man and the Sea. It was quiet, relaxed, and made a mean mushroom broccoli risotto. I have been craving rice and broccoli, two common parts of my diet at home, and they are hard to find here. As I was starting to get my appetite back, it was a joy to see this dish on the menu. I only ate about half of what I normally eat, but it felt good and speeded my recovery.

A quick unrelated note about the weather as a couple people have been asking. The weather is cool and only warm in the middle of the day. At night I need to wear a jacket to dinner and I wish I had a heavier coat for when the sun goes down. My understanding is that it is going to get increasingly hot and this hot, balmy weather is rapidly approaching. So, if you are planning to visit I advise waiting a month or so if you want to enjoy the beach.

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