Buenos Aires – Part 2

Posted on November 11, 2008


Following our saunter through La Recoleta Cemetery, we took a tour of the major buildings in Buenos Aires. The Pink House is where the President of the country lives, and apparently where Evita gave a speech from one of the balconies. I didn’t see the movie, so I can neither confirm nor deny. It is a large pink building, not nearly as fancy as many, but it has its own charm and is a bold pink color in an otherwise grey city. Appropriately, there was a large gay rights festival in front of the building and an equal number of dark blue fatigue wearing Policia. The gay rights participants had a parade through town that attracted quite a bit of attention and gave us some good techno music to dance to as we later enjoyed a coffee at a small café.

A beautiful church near the Pink House, perhaps it is also Congress.

Short ride on a historic wooden subway.

The most impressive building I saw was the National Congress building. It is beautiful, full of statues, soaring towers, walls full of interesting architectural details. We have a new game that we play as we tour new (and old) places. This game is courtesy of my fellow Fellow, Laura. She invented it, so I can not claims rights. Any time there is an interesting building I point to it and confidently state “that is Congress”. Anyone in the know thinks this is funny. People not in the know get out their camera and take pictures. Until the third or fourth time I do it and suddenly they realize that there can only be so many congresses. Try the game next time you are somewhere interesting and see how many tourists you can trick.
I found Congress!!!!
The Argentinian National Congress Building.

My new Argentinian Love.

Laura and I reenacting the Tango Statue. Damn I am good.

All of the streets are named for Countries. Excuse me, Will this street take me to Peru?

That night we went to Senor Tango. This was a tango show in true Disney world fashion, with horses, fancy lights, fog, and costumes. It was a show depicting the history of tango, which started in the brothels of Argentina and moved up from there. I didn’t expect to have a good time, but it was such a good show I think I am going to go back. Certainly it was a one of a kind experience that I do not think I could see anywhere else. The show lasted three hours and consisted of about one half dancing and one half music. The music was fantastic though and really got your heart racing. At one point I counted five accordions being played at the same time. They were so loud it shook my seat. Awesome.

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