Buenos Aires – Part 3

Posted on November 13, 2008


We awoke Sunday morning after only a few hours of sleep to see a few more important sights before catching the boat back to Montevideo. We were up late having a quick dinner after Senor Tango, and we did not get to sleep until around 3am. First stop was Caminito Street in La Boca a neighborhood on the edge of the river near the port. Caminito is known for its brightly colored buildings, which were originally painted that way because the owner did not have the money for full cans of paint and he used whatever he could get his hands on. Today, it is a huge tourist magnet, full of vendors hawking art, posters, keychains, mate bowls, etc. It was fun to see, but I was just as happy to get out of there as I was tired of listening to all the vendors yelling out “Aaay Ohhhyyyyyychio” trying to get my attention by reading the words on my Ohio State shirt.

We then dropped into the San Telmo neighborhood to visit the Sunday street fair, which was full of interesting flea market items. All old, interesting, and cheap. We scored by finding a chef selling calzones from a wheelbarrow that he just pulled from the oven. They were huge, full of big fresh tomato chunks, fresh basil, and cheese. We shared a beer in a bar that was anything but quick and ran for the last boat out of town.

photo courtesy of Becky G.

Getting back to Montevideo was a relief and the three of us were very glad to be back. A busy place like Buenos Aires is exciting but it can wear on your nerves. The laid-back, mate drinking, beach sleeping crowd in Montevideo are much more my speed.

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