Bodega Santa Rosa con Endeavor

Posted on November 24, 2008


Last week Endeavor sponsored a dinner to celebrate the retirement of a prominent Uruguayan entrepreneur. The dinner was at the Bodega Santa Rosa and included a tour of the winery. Santa Rosa is over one hundred years old and has the look and feel of a very old, Napa Valley style winery. The most impressive part of the winery is the wine cellars. There are massive old oak barrels used to age the wine. Hundreds of vertical racks hold bottles of Medio Y Medio at a slightly downward angle. As we followed the tour our way was illuminated by hundreds of candles, which gave it all a magical feel.

The specialty is a local drink called Medio Y Medio, which literally translates to Half and Half. You may remember this drink from my earlier post about Mercado del Puerto where I had my first experience. It is one half champagne and one half sweet white wine. I prefer the combination to champagne alone, as it is much tastier and drinkable. Bodega Santa Rosa sells over 250,000 bottles a month during the holidays.

The tour ended in a large, open underground hall. There, surrounded by bottles of wine there were several speeches of which I understood not a single word. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and great company. I saw Professor Kramer from ORT University, whose class I presented to a few weeks ago. I met the man who introduced McDonalds to Uruguay. The General Manager and the CEO of Clausen were there and it was good to have some social time with them.

It was a special event and I feel very lucky to be treated so well by Endeavor and the business community here in Montevideo.

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