Starting the Process of Saying Goodbye

Posted on December 11, 2008


It is hard to believe but my time in Uruguay is nearly over. I have mixed feelings, though overall I am happy to be going home. Eleven weeks away from home, wife, Sammy, friends, good beer, mexican food, and chinese food is a bit long. I can not imagine what the soldiers who are posted overseas for a year at a time go through.

We were invited to the beautiful home of Fernando, the entrepreneur one of the Fellows here is working with. In attendance was the staff of Endeavor, each Fellow, and our entrepreneurs. It was a nice, quiet party with good conversation and great food. They served homemade pizzas with all kinds of interesting toppings. They even made a vegan pizza for me. The highlight of the night was the speeches. I took the opportunity the individually thank the Endeavor staff who have been so good to us. It was also good to be able to publically thank the people I work with at Clausen for tolerating all of my crazy ideas and suggestions, and for making this such a good experience.
While we still have over a week left and I am as busy with work as ever, everything does have a feeling of winding down. I am starting to sort through my stuff to decide what to bring back and what to donate. I am trying to figure out how to fit it all in my two suitcases. I now ask myself questions like “Did I really need to buy TWO pairs of cowboy pants?”
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