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Anthony Thomas Candy Factory Tour

February 24, 2009


My brother John flew from Philly to spend a couple days here to visit and to assist with adding a bunch of lighting to my kitchen. I have always been a bit upset with how little light there is in my kitchen, doubly bad because I do a lot of cooking. John and I spent […]

Onwards and Upwards

February 16, 2009


I have recently decided to leave my job with Ernst & Young. It has been a difficult process, but it feels like the right move for me right now. The economic crisis changed my job along with just about everything else, and I did not like all of the changes. I have accepted a position […]

Lessons From my Experience in Uruguay

February 9, 2009


On the plane flight back from Uruguay I jotted down a few of the larger lessons that I learned in my time out of country. I have added a few items to that list in the subsequent month. They are as follows: Do work I am interested in and can be passionate about. I have […]

A New Toy for the New Year

February 8, 2009


Elly surprised me this Christmas with a Soy Milk Maker. This is simply a machine that makes soy milk in the comfort of your home. These machines are relatively unheard of in much of the world, though in Asia are much more common. I have been a loyal soy milk drinker ever since an allergy […]

Columbus Area Boardgaming Society

February 2, 2009


I was never the athletic, cool type in elementary school. I didn’t play any sports and at recess my main sport was being invisible so as not to be beaten up. I am older and wiser now, I know how to stand up for myself and I like to think that I have been more […]