Columbus Area Boardgaming Society

Posted on February 2, 2009


I was never the athletic, cool type in elementary school. I didn’t play any sports and at recess my main sport was being invisible so as not to be beaten up. I am older and wiser now, I know how to stand up for myself and I like to think that I have been more successful than most of those schoolyard bullies. But there are holdover interests of mine that make it clear I was/am a geek. I did well in school, I like to read, I am an accountant. Perhaps most significant of all is my active involvement in the Columbus Area Boardgaming Society (CABS).

From the CABS website “The Columbus Area Boardgaming Society is a club of boardgamers dedicated to bringing the gamers of Central Ohio together to increase their gaming pleasure. We meet on the odd Fridays of the month and many last Saturdays on the month as well at the MOSSL office on Lakewood Plaza Blvd in Worthington, Columbus Ohio (USA). In 2009 we have OVER 200 paid members already signed up.”

“The games we play range from the abstract boardgames, traditional boardgames, the new Eurogames, the historical wargames to the whimsical fast play fun card/board games. Some of us have been gaming for decades, others only for a short time. The majority type of game played are ones called “Euro Games” – these are family strategy games. If you view the website photo section then you have looked at the pictures of us playing games and you have seen the typical games we play. Anyone who loves playing games will love Euro Games … Many people are not really interested in “playing” games but are more interested in the social aspects in that, that is what they perceive what game playing is about. In other words, Party type games and Trivia Games are more social occasions than game occasions. For us the game play is the focus and the social interaction with our friends is the reward.”
On a good Friday night over 100 people show up for gaming. There are large closets full of hundreds of games. Anyone can pick any game that looks interesting and usually can find someone else to play. It is a great way to be introduced to new games without making a big time or money commitment. After a short while you usually find a stable of favorite games that you can gravitate towards. Some people like to play the same games each week and some people like to constantly try new games. This is a great way to meet likeminded people. If you are ever interested in coming, drop me a line and I will be happy to meet you there.
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