Lessons From my Experience in Uruguay

Posted on February 9, 2009


On the plane flight back from Uruguay I jotted down a few of the larger lessons that I learned in my time out of country. I have added a few items to that list in the subsequent month. They are as follows:

  1. Do work I am interested in and can be passionate about.
  2. I have so much in common with people I have nothing in common with.
  3. Teamwork is so important – both professionally and personally
  4. Everyone matters. The importance of valuing each person can not be overstated.
  5. Value an employer that gives you opportunities to try new things.
  6. Pack light and remain flexible.
  7. A positive attitude is everything.
  8. Wear and be proud of the “T Shirt”. The T Shirt can represent your employer, organizations you are part of, etc.
  9. You have to put the hook into the water to catch the fish.
  10. When you are unsure how to proceed, talk to people.
  11. A solid relationship on the home front is the foundation for all else.
  12. Take care of yourself, do not be a burden on others.
  13. Develop the capacity to self-manage yourself
  14. Creativity is very important, learn how to lead brainstorming.

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