Onwards and Upwards

Posted on February 16, 2009


I have recently decided to leave my job with Ernst & Young. It has been a difficult process, but it feels like the right move for me right now. The economic crisis changed my job along with just about everything else, and I did not like all of the changes. I have accepted a position with Hexion Specialty Chemical as an Internal Audit Manager. This is a good job with a great company and I feel lucky to have landed on my feet.

I never took my job with Ernst & Young for granted, I worked hard every day and I always tried to give more than I received. They treated me very well and there are many people I will miss working with. I made a lot of friends and I benefited from being around some really smart, focused people. I saw my career and capabilities blossom with Ernst & Young. It has been a great place to work and I am certainly leaving on good terms.
When I think over the last five years, I have a few favorite memories and events that come to mind:
– Participating in interviewing college students in the same little rooms at the University of Pittsburgh that I had interviewed in eight years before, in some ways I felt like I had come full circle
– Realizing I had just worked an 18 hour day (fully billable)
– Leading my first training that I developed from beginning to end
– Watching people I mentor grow and develop and get promoted
– Chili competition at my house
– Big carrot cookies and 50 cent every day at 3pm with the Federated audit team
– Walking through Brussels Belgium, living a dream I never thought I would achieve
– Achieving American Express Platinum, Sheraton Platinum, Hilton Gold, and Marriott Gold all in one year (how can you do this? Live in hotels for a year!)
– Getting the chance to live in Uruguay for three months and making the most of every second
– The cafeteria at Washington Hospital
– Living it up at the Skihut in Rotterdam
– Being promoted to Audit Manager, something I never really expected I would accomplish
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