Saturday Night at the Monster Truck Show

Posted on April 5, 2009


Lately I have been volunteering with the American Red Cross. I attend large public events (sports games, races, fairs, etc) and provide first aid services to those who need it. We usually have a room or table or other such base and a pile of equipment. Essentially we serve as the buffer between the public and a full-out EMT crew, though many of us do have EMT training. This has been especially interesting due to the variety of events I have volunteered for.

Last night I attended the Monster Truck Show on the Ohio State Campus. This is the first time I have gone to one of these shows, though I have seem a million television advertisements for them while growing up. Who wouldn’t be a bit excited about seeing Big Foot roll over a bunch of cars. The reality was a bit less exciting. It basically consisted of six trucks driving around a very small space trying to figure out how to make driving in circles and driving over cars interesting for two and a half hours. The kids in attendance seemed to have a good time though and they clearly were the target audience. The audience made great material for “You might be a redneck if…” jokes. Never have I seen so many NASCAR shirts and camo in one place.
One highlight was Megasaurus, which is this 35 foot tall mechanical dinosaur. It breathes fire. It can pick up cars and chew them in half. And it can stare into the crowd and give kids nightmares. I want one to drive around my neighborhood to stir things up a little bit. The pictures in this post are from the internet as I forgot my camera.

From a first aid perspective it was a fairly quiet night. A bunch of people looking for ear plugs, bandaids, and one call for an irregular heartbeat.
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