Our One-of-a-Kind Quilt

Posted on April 25, 2009


In honor of my Mother’s Birthday, I thought I would feature the quilt that she made for us this year. A quilt is a huge project that takes an incredible amount of time, especially if you want to do it right. I am very lucky to be the beneficiary of these talents.

When we moved to Columbus, we made the upgrade to a king size bed. This may be the single best thing that has ever happened to me : ) Unfortunately, this also meant that the queen size quilt my mother made as a gift when we got married would no longer fit our bed. Mom agreed to take on the daunting task of making us a king sized quilt in the pattern of our choosing.

Picking a pattern and colors is really hard. We settled on a pattern pretty quick but it took some negotiating to settle on colors. A quilt is such a centerpiece in a room, that the colors determine everything else in the room. We settled on a combination of a light cream color offset by various browns. The browns took a while to gather, involving going to many material stores and scouring the brown section. Most of our fabrics tended to be old fashioned, because the reflects who we are and what we like.

It took Mom about nine months of steady work to make the quilt and we received it late this past fall. It looks great! Notice the fine hand-done sewn detail in every block of the quilt. It would be very difficult to purchase a quilt like this, and even if you could find someone to do it, it would cost thousands of dollars. With over a thousand hours of work, it is hardly an economical business regardless of what you charge.

The quilt fits the bed great, it is warm, and it dresses up the whole room.
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