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Porto, Portugal

January 24, 2010


I found a cheap ticket and decided to spend the weekend soaking up the sun in Porto, Portugal. The sunny weather, warm breezes, and blue sky was a welcome change from the grey, cold weather to be expected this time of the year in Rotterdam. Porto is an ancient city located along the coast. The […]

A Far Country

January 24, 2010


On my assignment here in the Netherlands I have many quiet meals and nights alone in my hotel room. As a result, I have been reading books at a rate of two per week. This week I finished a novel that I found in the Hilton lounge titled “A Far Country” by Daniel Mason. The […]

Brugge and Antwerp, Belgium

January 20, 2010


This post has been guest written by the lovely Mrs. Kaizar. I am honored to be the first “guest blogger” for the Kaizar Dispatch! After the long flight and short train ride, I joined Mike in Rotterdam last week. Mike had a “surprise” dinner planned for me, so I braved the icy streets to meet […]

Delft, The Netherlands

January 9, 2010


This weekend, I headed north to Delft. The Dutch countryside north of Rotterdam. Flat, empty, and crisscrossed by canals. The bicycle parking outside the railway station was incredible. There must have been thousands! Delft is a medium-sized town approximately 12km north of Rotterdam with an extensive history dating back almost 1,000 years. While it has […]

Settling into my (temporary) new Home

January 7, 2010


I have been “in country” for almost a week now, settling in to my stay in the city of Rotterdam. It has been extremely cold and snowy. The sidewalks are coated with ice. The country does not have salt to spread because these conditions are abnormal. According to one account I heard, the convoy of […]

The City of Rotterdam

January 6, 2010


Work has dispatched me to another far flung location – the city of Rotterdam, located near the coast in the flat, industrious country of the Netherlands. I will be here all of January and back again for the month of March. I like to travel so I consider this a lucky assignment. I has been […]

Return of the Festiva – or How I Finally Benefited from the Government Giveaways

January 1, 2010


When I was 17 I acquired a classic beater car designed to last only a few miles at a low risk for a new driver. The car was a 1988 Ford Festiva with 64,000 miles for the princely sum of $2,000. I ended up keeping the car for six years, putting almost 100,000 miles on […]