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Paris, France

March 28, 2010


Paris is a city that has so frequently been featured in movies, print, and as a character in books, that everyone feels that they know something of it, even if they have never been within five thousand miles. I had my first opportunity to see Paris last weekend, and it lived up to much of […]

Chartres, France

March 25, 2010


In the center of this very old town about one hour south of Paris stands a cathedral of world renoun. The Chartres Cathedral is nine hundred years old and boasts some of the most beautiful stained glass windows in the world. Construction lasted about 150 years, and little has been done to the cathedral since […]

Leiden, The Netherlands

March 14, 2010


It is hard not to love Leiden. It is beautiful, with an ancient feel, lots of canals, and a Saturday market that can not be beat. It is a very tourist friendly town, with a tourist office right next to the train station and a very helpful two hour loop marked throughout the town to […]

Haarlem, The Netherlands

March 14, 2010


This large town is the namesake for Harlem, the famous namesake in New York City. The NYC Harlem was settled by many Dutch who originated in Haarlem and I imagine felt a bit homesick. Haarlem is due west of Amsterdam and a 50 minute train ride north of Rotterdam. It is a popular summer destination […]

Blaak Market

March 11, 2010


Every Tuesday and Saturday there is a large market in central Rotterdam. It is in a section called Blaak (pronounced Block). Blaak is an interesting part of the City, home to the famous cube houses, the pencil building, and a tram stop that looks like it would be a part of the Jetsons.There are over […]

A Feast for One

March 7, 2010


The Dutch are serious about fish, wanting it fresh and as close to whole as possible. In America we are so used to all of our food being sliced, diced, and pre-packaged, it is sometimes easy to forget where that food comes from. It is also easy to forget the impossibly large amount of work […]

Pilgrim Fathers Church

March 6, 2010


Just across the canal from my apartment is a rather plain looking church. The church drew my attention with the chimes the regularly can be heard. The sound of the bells makes me feel like I am in old Europe, it is very pleasant. The church has a long history, particularly relevant for American visitors. […]