Naughty Naughty Night Shop

Posted on March 5, 2010


When my landlord was giving me the key to my Rotterdam accommodation he was nice enough to pull out a map and show me some of the landmarks in the neighborhood. He pointed out the grocery stores, some good restaurants, and some nice areas to walk around. As he was making his way across the map a couple times he paused, looked me right in the eye, and pointing at the map said “And here is a good Night Shop”. The first time he said this I didn’t really notice, but by the third time I was starting to wonder what his impression of me must be. I did not know what a Night Shop was, but being in Holland I suspected that it either was a place to get drugs or sex. It seemed a little weird to focus so much on these places, but I guess me being a guy traveling alone he thought I might be interested. It stuck in my head though as kind of odd.

Tonight while walking from the Metro to my apartment, I passed a Night Shop. It turns out that they are 24 hour convenience stores as normal as any American 7-11. Good indeed to know where they are!

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