Blaak Market

Posted on March 11, 2010


Every Tuesday and Saturday there is a large market in central Rotterdam. It is in a section called Blaak (pronounced Block). Blaak is an interesting part of the City, home to the famous cube houses, the pencil building, and a tram stop that looks like it would be a part of the Jetsons.

There are over 400 vendors selling everything you could want at very good prices. Those loyal readers who followed my blog two years ago will remember some posts about the markets I enjoyed in Uruguay.There is something special about open air markets. There is the thrill of discovery and the satisfaction of getting a good deal. The edibles tend to be extremely fresh and generally anything on offer is in season. Some highlights of the market include:

Cheese of course. Many varieties, great prices, and delicious

Fresh fish, cleaned at your request. Prices were very good and the fish was about as fresh as is possible without catching it yourself. There was a huge variety on offer, easily over 100 varients of fresh seafood.

The famous Stroopwafels, available only in the Netherlands. These “Syrup Waffels” are consumed by the millions by the Dutch and I can understand why. Stroopwafels are two paper thin wafels (cookies) that are pasted together with a very thin layer of carmel. You have not lived until you have had a fresh warm Stroopwafel straight off the grill. The carmel forms long strings that are a bit messy but cause extreme happiness.

Hats, clothes and fabric. Where else can you find a shirt for one euro?
The little pancakes called “Poffertjeskraams“. These are similar to pancakes but cooked in a big pan with deep circular grooves. Each Poffer comes out egg shaped, with a chewy center. They are delicious right off the grill.
Fresh fruit and vegetables of every variety. The prices were about half what they charge in the supermarket.
And of course it would not be Dutch if there was not a wide selection of beautiful flowers.

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