Childhood Memories – Treasure Box

Posted on April 22, 2010


A few years ago my Mother passed along to me a big box full of random treasures from my childhood. I grew up in the days before kids had entire rooms full of toys, so perhaps my toys mean a little more to me. I have been sorting through the box and found a number of interesting memories, some of which are worth sharing.

My first wallet – Spiderman circa 1980. Likely this wallet never held more than $8 at one time. At the time I believed I would always use this wallet, even as an adult.

The seashell rock – this rock was delivered to my bedside by the Tooth Fairy after losing a tooth at World End State Park in rural Pennsylvania. It looks suspiciously like the rocks near the river, but you can tell it is authentic because how many rocks have you ever seen that look like a shell?
Scouts regalia – I was in the cub scouts for about five years in the 1980’s. Unlike most of the organizations I was (or was not) part of in those days, I did like the scouts. The kids were nice and I like camping.
Pinewood derby metal – the annual competition all scouts are familiar with, the pinewood derby car races. Usually the kids with engineer fathers who sculped bullet shaped cars won. My father let me do most of the work on the principle that this was not meant to be something that he did. He made sure I did not cut off my fingers and gave some pointers on aerodynamics, but otherwise he let me be. This sort of learned self-reliance has served me well as an adult. This particular year I came in second place and got the silver metal.
Fishing tackle – once when we were going to go fishing I decided to make my bait. Having no idea what it is that fish eat, I made bait out of a block of wood painted like a fish. It looked kind of neat but didn’t catch anything at all.
My first badge – I always dreamed of becoming a police officer. Even as a very young kid I wanted to be a cop. It still bothers me that I did not follow that path.

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