POTD – Llijmas Monitored Parking

Posted on May 19, 2010


Picture of the Day – Llijmas Monitored Parking

Every day I park in the Llijmas Monitored Parking lot. It is a bit out of the way but it only costs $2. It is not in a good part of town, but people generally leave me alone. The lot is monitored during the day by a very skinny, elderly, black man. He is friendly but doesn’t say much. I wonder if he owns the lot. It hardly seems worth it to pay a security guard to watch over 39 parking spaces. While parking there my car has never been touched, a better track record than some of my colleagues who park close in to work but pay $6 a day. Next to the parking low you can find two competing pawn shops – Levs Pawn Shop and Uncle Sams Pawn Shop. The other buildings in the area are abandoned.
I did a search on the internet machine for “Llijmas” and the only result was a shady limited liability company. The letters were all separated by spaces which makes me think that it stands for something. Perhaps “Little Lillie Is Just Mad About Something”.
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