Milan, Italy

Posted on July 7, 2010


I spent a weekend in Milan before proceeding to the west of Italy near the border with France. Milan did not charm me as it does many other people. Generally, I found it to be very warm and it lacked the old world European charm that really draws me to this continent. Even in the oldest parts of the city look as though they were constructed in the 1930’s. It is strange since I believe Milan escaped the bombs that changed the face of so many other European cities during WW2.
I walked all over the city and noted a few particularly impressive sights. On top of the list is the Milan Cathedral (Duomo). Very, very impressive, certainly one of the nicest I have seen. The view from the central plaza is incredible, with hundreds of spires reaching towards the sky. The church is a dazzling white and is covered in sculptures.
The inside of the cathedral was a but different from others that I have seen as it was lined with large paintings today that are worth a fortune. Under the chancel is the treasury which houses relics from a Saint.
I did stop by the La Scala opera house, famous the world over. It is named after my favorite restaurant in Columbus. It was not open, but it was interesting to see. It was not nearly as impressive from the outside as it was from the inside.
There is a large castle in the middle of the city, built to protect the city inhabitants in very different times (Castello Sforzesco). It is a very large castle, clearly meant as much for show as for defense. The dark black color contrasted nicely with the bleached look of the rest of the city.

I stayed in this very odd Golf Club over the weekend. It was very formal and I clearly did not belong. I was told that the grounds outside the hotel were restricted and I was only allowed to wander out after dark. The rooms were very dated, but my room did open to a roof top patio which provided a nice place to sit and enjoy the night sky. The food at the club was excellent and it was fun to be served by tuxedo clad waiters.

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