Two crutches, One leg

Posted on September 6, 2010


About three weeks ago I started having severe pain in my left knee. It was a sharp pain accompanied with some grinding feeling. It all started when I went out for a run and couldn’t go more than twenty steps. Knee pain is a fact of life for me, so I mostly ignored it, waiting for it to get better. I stopped running but I still rode my bike to work, walked miles on the weekends to the farmers market and baseball game. I carried on as usual expecting quick recovery.

The problem was that my knee didn’t get better, in fact it got worse. I finally agreed to go see me doctor and he immediately sent me for an MRI. A few days later I got the news that my tibia is fractured as well as got only knows what other soft tissue damage. All from running!

The treatment is basically to stay off my leg to let it heal. So, for the time being I have a brace and I am hobbling around on crutches. I have a follow up appointment to see what comes next, but hopefully with care it heals on its own without any more aggressive intervention.

On crutches, I am still doing most of the things I normally would. My boss was nice enough to let me work from home for a few days. Last week I was on vacation, so mostly I sat around and took it easy. We went with my family (parents, sister, brother, their families) to Cape May Point at the southern end of New Jersey. Despite being on crutches, I still got some fishing in and went to the Wildwood boardwalk.

I am thankful to not be in a cast. I am hoping for fast healing since one of my main hobbies is to walk and I am starting to feel cooped up. This coming weekend I am scheduled to go to the Czech Republic for business, a trip that will be much harder on crutches.
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