Isole Tremiti

Posted on July 26, 2011


The Tremiti Islands are a group of four islands, two of which have residents. There is a population of about 400 people, though most are on the main island of San Domino. The islands have been inhabited since ancient times, including by the Romans and Greeks. In the 11th Century, the Benedictines built the Abbey of Santa Maria on San Nicola Island. In the 18th Century, the religious life gave way to a penal colony until the 20th century when the Fascist government used the islands to exile people.  The Islands lie about 20 miles off the coast of Italy and are easily accessible via a Jetboat that leaves from the harbor of Termoli.

A popular attraction is to take a boat ride around the Islands exploring the clear water and the sea caves (grottos). Some of the caves were large enough that the captain was able to drive the boat right in, letting us enjoy the momentary cool and shade.

After the boat ride we were left on San Nicola Island to explore the Abbey. It was an interesting steep hike uphill past many thick walls and fortifications. It was a reminder that this area has been attacked by Greeks, Turks, and Pirates over the years. On the top of the hill stands the Abbey. Unfortunately, it is still in use and you can do no more than walk around it and enjoy the view.

We ended the day by hanging out at the beach. A swim in the clear cool water was followed by a nap listening to the waves.