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Shiitake Mushroom Kit – 2 weeks later & first harvest

January 25, 2012


I have been a mushroom farmer for two weeks now.  My mushroom kit started out a nice white color and has two weeks later taken on an icky brown color.  I have been faithfully spraying the growing medium two times each day with de-chlorinated water.  After two weeks, sadly I have only two mushrooms.  One […]

Watertower – Logan, Ohio

January 18, 2012


At my feet sit the Wal-Mart, Chinese Buffet, and an ever shifting cast of characters that all depend on me.  They do not know that at my top I can see Lake Logan, sparkling in the sunlight and full of birds.  Beyond Lake Logan I see the rolling green hills.  I am a very lucky […]

Shiitake Mushroom Kit – Start

January 14, 2012


For Christmas I received a shiitake mushroom growing kit from my brother and sister-in-law.  This is something I have always wanted to try.  It is pretty easy, but time will tell if I have any success. The kit consists of a large block of growing medium and a humidity tent.  The growing medium looks a […]

POTD – Sammy and her Friends

January 14, 2012


Picture of the Day -We recently put a bird feeder in back of our apartment.  It provides countless hours of fun for Sammy.  Last night I caught her watching the feeder at 1am.