Shiitake Mushroom Kit – 2 weeks later & first harvest

Posted on January 25, 2012


I have been a mushroom farmer for two weeks now.  My mushroom kit started out a nice white color and has two weeks later taken on an icky brown color.  I have been faithfully spraying the growing medium two times each day with de-chlorinated water.  After two weeks, sadly I have only two mushrooms.  One is quite large, so not all is lost.  According to the directions, this is quite normal though, there is something called mushroom “windows of opportunity” which I apparently missed this time around.  I think my location was also not good because the heater blew hot air on the mushrooms each time it turned on, certainly not the best situation.  All is not lost though, the mushroom medium can go through 3 to 4 cycles.  The next cycle should be much more productive, especially not that I found a better location on top of my toaster oven that is away from the heater.  So not my next step is to take off the humidity tent, harvest the mushrooms, and then leave the mushroom medium to dry out for about two weeks.  Then I start the cycle again.  I am having about as much fun as you can have with fungus!


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