Goodbye to Apartment Living

Posted on February 13, 2012


After almost two years of apartment living we have taken a step towards returning to home ownership.  We sold our last house because we wanted to live closer to work and in a better place for walking.  We couldn’t have done much better than the Short North neighborhood.  We were a bit nervous about what it would actually be like to live in this neighborhood though – would the students make us crazy, would it be too loud, would we miss the wide open spaces too much?  After two years of living in the neighborhood, we are confident we want to stay.

We started looking for a house last November, taking a look at a couple each month.  We had in mind what we wanted, it was just a matter of waiting for it to appear on the market.  Two weeks ago a foreclosure sale popped up on the automated seach we had set up.  The pictures looked promising, though it was clear the houses needed some work.  A walk through the home the next day confirmed that this was it.  We put in an offer which was accepted a few days later.  Closing is scheduled for February 29.

The house is a beautiful brick victorian with 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, 4 fireplaces, and a great small backyard.  It needs significant work, but structurally it is in good condition.  The price we are paying is fair, even considering the work that is needed.  We are planning on a new roof, new kitchen, new bathrooms, refinish of the hardwood floors, lots of painting, new electric, and new windows.

The front door and the living room

The front room

The kitchen and downstairs bathroom

The stairs leading to the second floor

The master bedroom

The hallway leading from the master bedroom back to the bathroom

The guest bedroom and Elly’s office

The rear bedroom

The upstairs bathroom

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