Churrascaria da Fazenda, Jundiai, Brazil

Posted on March 24, 2012


Work sent me to Brazil over the last couple weeks.  One of the biggest surprises was the excellent food I encountered at nearly every meal.  Brazilians eat a lot of fruit, many types that are not familiar in the United States.  Salad is also popular as well as rice and beans.  Grilled meat forms the centerpiece of any proper meal, though codfish also deserves a special place.

We went to a special meal in a traditional Brazilian Churrascaria in the nearby town of Jundiai.  A Churrascaria serves grilled meats in the style of the cowboys that once dominated this land.  The meal starts with an abundant buffet fulls of salads, vegetables, seafood, and cheeses.  While you eat salad, waiters come around with freshly baked cheese bread and grilled cheese blocks that spread gooey goodness across your plate.

Once you are finished with salad, you use a red light / green light indicator on your table to call the waiters.  The waiters are wandering the restaurant, each carrying different cuts of meat.  The meat is piered and cooked on a sword and that is how it arrives at your table.  The waiter slices a cut of meat off the hunk in front of you.  After a short while, it becomes overwhelming as the waiters are pushy and bring more meat than you could possibly eat.  The meat was perfectly cooked and very juicy.  There are a wide variety of meats, from various cuts of beef, sausages, chicken hearts, lamb, and fish.

I was sick so I didn’t get many pictures.  I found the following pictures on the internet, they are not mine but they give you an idea of what the waiters and the meat is like.

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